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Northern Steel Designs

We manufacture  a wide range of products, ranging from roller tables to test platforms for ultrasound equipment to one of a kind prototype.

We can make one or thousands depending on your volume needs. Most parts are custom but there are some standardized parts we can produce at a lower cost.

We work with  steel, stainless steel or aluminum, also great attention is paid to quality of our products during all phases of production.

We strive to (maximize material minimize waste optimize fabrication process) making small to medium scale production more feasible without sacrificing quality.

A word about drawings, good drawing speed up the process saving time/money, Some times revisions are necessary ,but with all critical dimensions and tolerances specified we can make "minor" change during the fabrication process, if needed. During your product review and quote we will gather all the information, dimensions and or drawings before we proceed, or if you have a concept, idea, thumb nail drawing we could assists you in developing it for private use or marketability, if needed. Please feel free to call us or email us. We would be happy to answer anyquestions  you might  have.

Honest, dependable service at a reasonable price
Flexible, short turnaround time

* Custom Hardware *

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Clips, Tabs, Shelves, Connector plates, Corner

brackets, Hangers

Furniture Hardware of many designs

Fence Post mounting plates - various sizes

Seismic Brackets, Stiffeners, & Reinforcements,

Stone/marble Anchors,

Carts Roller Tables of many sizes,

Frames, Signs, Racks, Handrails, Hanging brackets

Cutting, Punching, Stamping, Forming, Welding, Shearing, 
Painting, Powder Coating, Zinc Plating, Galvanizing
We work with Steel, Aluminum, and Stainless Steel materials
Small and large quantity runs. Rush Order are  welcome.








Custom Steel Clip/ Tabs I  Shelves/ Racks I  Steel Signage I   Connector plate I   Corner Brackets I Stiffeners, & Reinforcements I   Stone/marble  Anchors
                              Furniture hardware of  many  designs I   Fence post  mounting  plates standard  sizes  available I Roller carts of all sizes

  Steel l  Stainless Steel    Aluminum
Design  &  Fabrication