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Typical Hole Size 3/4" to 1"
Rounded corners optional

Rounded Brkt
Custom Steel Clip/ Tabs I  Shelves/ Racks I  Steel Signage I   Connector plate I   Corner Brackets I Stiffeners, & Reinforcements I   Stone/marble  Anchors
                             Furniture hardware of  many  designs I   Fence post  mounting  plates standard  sizes  available I Roller carts of all sizes

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Welcome  to  Northern Steel Designs  we specialize in prototypes, custom steel  Clips /  Tabs / Shelves  / Connector plate  Stone/marble - Anchors,  Roller Carts of all sizes, Frames ,Signs, Racks
,All   product  can be powder coated  giving your item a durable and attractive   finish.  Pricing is  available   for  short and  large production  runs. We   have  Design /  Build for  quick  quotes and
production.  If  you  have a  project  or  prototype  you  need design  and  built,  give  us  a call or email us.