Custom Steel Brackets
Lite Duty brkt
unique hole patterns   
Custom Brackets
Splice Plates - Compound Angels brkt. - Decorative Punch outs      
     Utility Chases                  made to protect and or guard heavy wiring
Heavy Duty brkt
with slotted adjustable mounting holes
            Heavy Duty brkt
               with  additional supports.
Lite Duty brkt    
small corner brkt. and fasteners
Formed    Rods
linkages -cranks -braces
Lite Duty brkt
With special slot and configurations
Lite Duty brkt
notched channel and counter sink
  Lite Duty brkt
45deg double bend
Heavy Duty brkt
  hanger with support gusset

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          Locking clamp bracket           designed to prevent accidental  coupler release
  Designed By
Northern Steel Designs
Copper buss bars
            made to connect high current terminals (tin plated)            
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