Welcome to Northern Steel Designs  products page. We have designed  and developed  a piece of equipment  called a
Vertical drill Jack that will allow construction workers to safely and effortlessly drill holes in 9-14' ceilings .

   Key features include

1  Fully motorized lifting system for drilling holes in 9' -14' ceilings with up to 70 lbs force.  
2  Remotely controlled, Forward and Reverse Lift with variable speed
    allowing the operator to quickly extend the lift  to the desired height.

3  One button control for drill and motorized lift .

4  Electronic depth gage that can either automatically reverse the direction
   of the lift when desired drill depth is reached or in manual mode will visually
   single the operator that the drill has reached correct depth.

5  Drill support will accommodate most drills / Hammer drills 

6  The unit is easily transportable and will clear 6' when leaned over on to the wheel kick stand .

7  All modular construction of main components for disassembly and storage.

Make   N.S.D.
Model  VDJ14 - VDJ12
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